Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Prison Break Gets an Arab Remake

Egyptian heartthrob Amr Youssef is preparing himself for the role of a lifetime as the Middle East sees Prison Break adapted into Arabic.

Staff Writer

Egyptian TV heartthrob Amr Youssef is preparing to hit the screen in the Arab spin-off of hit US tv show Prison BreakShadid El Herasa (Heavily Guarded) is almost ready to begin filming as TV executive Hesham Helal has already penned 10 episodes of the show. Amr Youssef will take on Wentworth Miller's iconic role as Michael Scofield with a local twist (we're assuming no tattoos).

The show's producers have already secured a licence to remake the show from US TV network Fox. Meanwhile TV bosses are set to fly in from the US to ensure that the new series stays true to the values of the original, planning to shoot further seasons if the show is a success.

Photo by CairoZoom.