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Racotis Art is the Consultancy Platform Promoting Egyptian Contemporary Art

Pushing obscurity to the sidelines, Racotis Art is enabling locals to enter into the world of art collection without the intimidation that it often comes with.

Unless you’re a seasoned art collector, curator, or interior designer, navigating Cairo art galleries for that one perfect piece can prove to be a difficult ordeal. There are just so many different art movements, artists, and exhibitions in Egypt - some too obscure to see, others too mainstream to avoid. Ushering in a new stream of arts services that are little-practiced in Egypt, Racotis Art is the consultancy platform doubling as an online gallery with ’try before you buy’ services and free door-to-door shipping.

With the help of a group of trusted architects and interior designers, Racotis is able to provide conceptual designs and artwork installations for both small and large-scale projects. “We help art collectors and clients select works that work for them. We do concept designs for agencies, companies, and individuals by making renders and simulations for them, and we do that in coordination with interior designers so that we can truly figure out what works best for a space,” founder Mohamed Elzohiry tells #CairoScene. Racotis Art also arranges for commissioned artworks to be made through their services, so they can connect individuals with artists directly.

The platform is only in their second month of operations, but have hefty experience with over 15 years background in the Egyptian arts scene. “Arts consultancy is readily available outside of Egypt, but isn’t common here," Elzohiry says. "What’s new about us is that we help you choose the art that works for you in a multitude of ways. We want to make it easy and accessible for people to collect art, even if they don’t have a background or art knowledge."

With artworks ranging from EGP1,000 all the way to EGP100,000 there is something available for every price point, space, or collector. To visit their website and peruse their gallery and services, go to

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