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Raise Your Voice: Free Documentary Filmmaking Workshop for Women in Egypt

Whether you're a seasoned filmmaker, an amateur, or have never stepped onto a set, Raise Your Voice's Video Documentary Training is a woman's passport to a career in filmmaking.

There’s no doubt that women are underrepresented in media, and as such their voices are never heard and their experiences remain relatively esoteric topics. In this day and age, very few female film directors receive international recognition for their work, and while racial and religious minorities too face underrepresentation in film, women get the brunt of it. In Egypt, women filmmakers are often seen as ‘controversial’ and ‘without scruples’, yet male directors who deal with women’s issues in their films are ‘brave’ and ‘bold’ and ‘worthy of praise’. What’s wrong with this picture?

Raise Your Voice, an initiative to train, educate, and enable women in film, is hosting a free intensive documentary filmmaking workshop for aspiring female filmmakers based outside of Cairo.   

Basically, the workshop is a crash course in DIY and guerrilla filmmaking, where participants have the opportunity to learn the craft from professionals, who will also be teaching them long-standing practices as well as the latest innovations in the profession, from conception and research to execution and production.   

The workshop, which takes place in Downtown Cairo from December 18th until the 24th, will also include screenwriting, cinematography, and filming modules to introduce them to the basics and teach women the different forms of storytelling.

Find out more about the workshop here.