Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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Ree4Cards: Hand-made Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

Keeping some traditional sentiment alive is Ree4Cards and their unique, hand-crafted creations; DIY greeting cards for every single event from birthdays to graduations to Halloween. And they are all adorable.

Staff Writer

With everything going digital nowadays, and to the point of surpassing the use of whatever else existed before its computerized derivative, you’d assume the overthrow of traditional card giving would have taken place by now, with the creation of E-cards and all that. But the thing is, tangible cards are hard to get over; there’s a certain sentiment and simplicity to them and to giving them that we feel compelled to proceed with the practice.

With more and more creative manufactured cards coming into the market, tailored to practically all kinds of occasions, it is well impressive to come across someone who still pursues the handmade craft within the same respect. Ree Adel’s brand Ree 4 Cards is dedicated to weddings, congratulations, Christmas, Valentine’s day, engagements, couples, new borns, thank yous, birthdays, mother’s day, friendship cards and beyond! "I love making Christmas and Valentine's day cards the most!" states Ree, "I love working during the atmosphere of Christmas while listening to Christmas songs, it gives me a joyful feeling by greeting everyone through the occasion while ending the current year and starting a new one. On Valentine's day I love creating the heart shapes, especially working with the colours incorporated with the event while everyone is sending love to everyone they love. Because that's my aim! to spread the meaning behind greeting cards." Plus in keeping with October's theme. Ree 4 Cards have got a Halloween collection in the works and coming soon! 

Ree works with blank card stocks, pattern paper, scissors and adhesive to create her clever cards. Custom made or not, it’s all DIY collage-inspired greetings that come in many shapes, sizes or forms. Ree 4 Cards also create gift tags, chocolate tags and cupcake toppers, all prices ranging from LE 6 and up.

Ree 4 Cards can be found at ALEF Book Stores, Nuts @ Nuts, Lovely Lace and Bakeer Stationery. 

Check out their Facebook page here, and Instagram here