Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Renowned Tattoo Artist Brody Polinsky Comes To Cairo

Berlin tattooist Brody Polinsky is headed to Egypt, bringing his unique style to Nowhereland Tattoo Studio for all the illustrated Cairenes.

Staff Writer
Brody Polinsky, the illustrious tattooer from Berlin, is coming to Cairo’s favourite stabbin’ parlour, Nowhereland Tattoo Studios, on March 1st. Just ahead of his impending arrival, we got him to sit down and answer a few questions about himself and his art. 
What brings you to Cairo?
I was feeling a pull to the pyramids since I was a young kid in a remote northern Canadian town. Being anonymous inside an ancient metropolis always subconsciously pushed me creatively. Experiencing new cultures in a short time period is humbling and motivating.  
You have a very cool geometric style, where did that come from? Who do you cite as influences?
Thanks, it all comes straight out of my head onto a pallate. There is no specific cultural reference I want everyone to identify and feel a part of. Every pattern is done once, which concretes the exchange of energy and the spontaneous process of that day. Being clean and sober and having a private studio in Berlin helps a lot. I drink tea and listen to good music, and tattoo with my friends in a calm environment. Skateboarding, dear friends, and music influence me the most inside and outside of the tattoo world. I travel half of the year, seeing the world consistently out of my comfort zone, which is becoming an interesting balance as I get older. 
Tell us about your process. How much of the art you do is thought out beforehand and how much is spontaneous?
I have piles of original patterns available, but the right human has to fit, it otherwise I draw on the spot or the body. This year, I am focusing on one tattoo per day, giving the process calmer energy and multiple-day projects room to manifest. Every tattoo is spontaneous; they are not perfect like a the drawing they started as. Every day I spend an hour getting grounded before meeting the client, just to be ready for whatever happens. 
You’re from Berlin; how accepted are tattoos and other body modifications there?
I grew up all over Canada, and then all over the world by choice of my own the last several years. Berlin is magic; it's very open to anyone doing anything. Tattoos are not seen a lot but, while most are done by hand out of people's flats, there is a rise in professionalism. The German studios and the expat studios are starting to communicate, and that's important for the future. 
You tattoo notoriously difficult spots on the body, such as the head, heels, palms, etc. What body part is the most challenging to tattoo? How much does it vary from person to person?
Yes, those are my favourite spots to tattoo because they are heavy rituals that not everyone is ready for. The aesthetic is powerful, as is having the honour to mark a human so visibly. The most challenging tattoo is when the energy is off, it doesn't matter where on the body. Sis gendered females are most often the most amazingly resistant to pain. No one hurts the same; it matters how healthy you are physically and mentally, in my opinion. 
How long are you in Cairo?
I will be in town for two weeks, one of them tattooing and the other to see what adventure comes my way and see what I see.
Only three more spots are available, so if you want your body to be his canvas, you better hurry up and contact Nowhereland Tattoo Studio at 01069545736 or Check out Brody Polinsky's handiwork on Instagram @brody_polinsky.