Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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Riham El-Adl is the First Egyptian Artist Featured by Parc Broekhuizen

The abstract painter joins the ranks of celebrated artists hosted by this prestigious venue.

Cairo Scene

Riham El-Adl is the First Egyptian Artist Featured by Parc Broekhuizen

In her fifth year of pursuing a full-time painting career, Riham El-Adl is already one of Egypt’s most exciting contemporary and abstract painters. With her upcoming exhibition at the famous Parc Broekhuizen, El-Adl joins the lengthy list of respected, world-renowned artists who have shown their work at the estate, becoming the first Egyptian artist to achieve this honour.

Appropriately titled ‘Journey’, El-Adl’s new Parc Broekhuizen exhibition features work that draws heavily from her North African roots as well as her global travels.

“We are very excited to feature a solo exhibition for Riham El Adl’s artworks and to shed light on her as one of Egypt’s rising talents in the contemporary, abstract expressionist art space,” Anita Bos, General Manager at Parc Broekhuizen, tells CairoScene.  “As we continuously strive to combine art with our heritage, contemporary design and the grand nature that surrounds us, El Adl artworks will surely be an added value.”

Situated on an historic Dutch estate, Parc Broekhuizen is a luxury hotel with an artistic bent. Once a knight’s court town, the cultural institution has joined the modern era as a place that celebrates the intersection of heritage, design, art and gastronomy. The establishment is the permanent home to a number of important historical works, and also hosts two cultural exhibitions, ‘Sculptures at the Parc’ and ‘Art at the Parc’. These art routes feature the work of multiple world-class artists throughout the year.

“It is a huge honour for me to exhibit my artworks at the glorious and majestic premises of the Parc Broekhuizen,” El-Adl tells CairoScene. “The minute you enter the gates of the estate, you can’t help but feel awe at the beauty of the architecture that dates back to the 15th century. The Main House was previously a castle built in 1801 and the complimenting contemporary interior design that still maintains the heritage of the place, and transports you to the time of the noble residents who lived there.”

El-Adl’s work has been described as both curious and spiritual. Its vibrant blend of figurative, abstract, and narrative elements invites audiences to reflect on the nature of the self as well as the world around them. This is part of El-Adl’s vision, who sees art as a transformative medium that is able to convey the depths of the soul.

“Riham El Adl’s upcoming exhibition resembles her personality and journey in life – colourful, bold, transformative and adventurous - taking the viewers on an exciting journey that moves them on a celebratory and spiritual level,” Irene Shreuder, Culture Ambassador at Parc Broekhuizen, says.

El-Adl’s path to Parc Broekhuizen has covered continents and career shifts. Before she fully devoted herself to painting, El-Adl spent 18 years leading various PR agencies across Cairo. El-Adl punctuated her time in the corporate world with extensive travel throughout South America. Her experiences in these places, particularly her encounters with shamanic spiritual practices, strongly influence her artistic work. In 2019, El-Adl decided to step away from her successful career to pursue painting full-time. It was during this transitional time that El-Adl connected with another renowned Egyptian painter, Britt Boutros Ghali. One of Egypt’s most celebrated contemporary artists, Norwegian-born Ghali became something of a mentor to El-Adl.

While her exhibition at Parc Broekhuizen is El-Adl’s latest honour it is by no means her first; in 2021, she was the winner of  Biennale Della Versilia, a prestigious arts competition in Florence. This award was bestowed on the painter at her first-ever international exhibition. A resident of the Netherlands since 2020, Al Adl continues to show her art globally as she continues to grow artistic career.

The exhibit will run from April 7th to May 25th in Leersum, the Netherlands.