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Roll Up for the Wonder Box

Reviving the Egyptian tradition of 'Sandok El 3agab' a group of eccentric performers will be showcasing their out-of-the-box art next week. We find out more.

Back in the days of olden Cairo, crowds - both young and old - would come for miles to discover the wonders of the Wonder Box. What's so bloody wonderful we hear you ask? Well, we don't know because we weren't there. However, the good news is, it's back. The Wonder Box (Sandok El 3agab) was apparently the only way to show the Average Mo amazing visuals to illustrate a good story. Well now, a team made up of two storytellers, two visual artists, three architects and two musicians are bringing back the old magic of the Wonder Box in a contemporary form.

The group will travel around eight Cairo neighbourhoods between April 25 and May 11 to tell stories and revive the magic of old using the amazing Wonder Box. The group has been working continuously for two months to gather stories from taxi and tuk-tuk drivers, to research the newest techniques and to test the feasibility of integrating various visual tricks into the box.

Wonder Box artist Youssef Faltas told CairoScene: "As a visual artist, I want to let people know that they don't have to be just passive users and that anyone can create technology." The team is even working on a manual to help those interested in recreating their own story box. Be there or be square!

The event starts on April 29 at 7pm 2014, 7pm in the garden of the Swiss Development Cooperation
24, Gamal al-Din Abou al-Mahassen Street, Garden City.