Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Sane Opens Their Doors to a New Creative Way of Learning

Calling all out-of-the box thinkers; a new creative learning centre bursts onto the scene in Zamale this Saturday 25th April. We take a sneak peek.

Staff Writer

Education is useless without first igniting a passion in what you are learning. Children these days are lost in a wave of technology that keeps their minds too preoccupied to develop skills beyond thumb dexterity. While at the same time teens are pushed into careers by parents who only look at a handful of professions as an acceptable, regardless of their children’s future desires. Looking to provide an alternative learning experience that will instill the skills required to seek an individual’s dream employment or just to develop an exciting new skill is Zamalek’s newest learning centre Sane.

Opening on Saturday 25th April, Sane hopes to present an affordable new and exciting hand on approach to learning new skills in Cairo. Hoping to build a community of open-minded, courageous and out of the box thinkers, Sane will be offering a variety courses, not widely available, that will provide the tools and incubate the mindset to unleash your creative potential. According to their online mission statement, “Additional to being a community that promotes diversity, we also encourage collaboration between all age groups, which produce and celebrate expressive qualities of art.”

Sane’s teaching staff comes from a variety of backgrounds. From professors with PhDs to self taught educators with decades of experience in their respected fields, the courses offered will provide more of apprentice-like experiences rather than text driven courses. Instead of memorisation Sane hopes to enrich the learning experience by having their teachers take a hands on approach while giving students the practical knowledge required to turn passions into a potential career.

Sane offers courses in Drawing, Painting, Dance, Robotics, Fashion Design, Chess, Make up, Sculpture, Jewelry, Gardening, Cooking, Storytelling, just to name a few. How often can one learn chess from a master? How often does a program offer Lego ‘mindstorm’ robotic kits and teaches you how to command Robots? How many cooking courses teach kids how to make their own lunch? It’s that kind of out of the box approach to teaching that Sane’s hopes to become synonymous with, while making classes both enjoyable and practical.  

As a new learning centre Sane hopes that the community they attract will also contribute ideas on what they would like to see the centre become. By being all inclusive, Sane hopes to find families encouraged to take courses and learn together. More than just centre for learning Sane plans to showcase the creativity imagined within its walls by holding events ranging from galleries and installations to live concerts.

The learning possibilities are endless and the adventure begins this weekend. If you want to belong to a creative community that wants your suggestions in order to evolve into the inspiring hub for all, then check out their opening this weekend. Take this opportunity to find your own career path before wasting time and money on an expensive education that may grant you a piece paper, but still keep your talents hidden and your life passionless.

Located at 4 El Yamani Building in Zamalek, Sane will be hosting their opening on April 25th (between 1-5pm) and will have plenty of family fun activities including: Chess matches, live music, caricaturing among many more plenty of other kid’s activities.

To learn more about Sane please visit their page here.