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Sara’s Art Corner: Disney-Inspired Kiteboard Art

Egyptian illustrator reimagines Disney themes in her artwork and creates kite board designs

For most of us, our fascination with Disney movies – whether it’s the long fair hair of Rapunzel, how hard we cried when Mufasa was killed by his brother, or how strongly we wished to live in the castle of Beauty and the Beast – usually ends when we ‘grow up’ and ‘grow out of it’. This is not the case with Sara Hesham, who still uses Disney themes as inspiration for her art work. 

Hesham, 28, who sketches lovely Disney-inspired illustrations as well as pretty ornaments on kiteboards, found her inspiration at the age of 16. That was when she came across a video showing the behind-the-scenes making of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Despite her interest in visual arts, Hesham opted for an engineering major at university due to family preferences. Still, she practiced her hobby at home, which she took very seriously when she moved to pursue her Master’s degree in The University of Waterloo, Canada.


Hesham then joined efforts with her friend Malak to found Fantasiam Art School in Rehab, which offers lessons for all ages - including a back-to-basics course for adults. Whlie she may have founded an arts school despite being a student of engineering, Hesham believes that “You don’t need to study art to be an artist. Expressing yourself does not need books and higher education as long as you are passionate." Passionate she is, too - Hesham's illustrations include themes such as the female body depicted in belly-dancers and ballerinas, as well as portrait sketches of Disney princesses and other women. This is in addition to her most recent project, where she transforms kiteboards with sketches inspired by beaches and the island life - we're not surprised, she did spend quite a bit of time in Los Angeles as a child.

A firm believer in Peter Pan’s words - “All it takes is faith and trust" - Hesham is convinced that "passion, art, and happiness is all it takes." Well, that and a little dose of Toronto's beloved Rob Ford on the bottom of a skateboard. We love it.

For more about the artist, visit her Facebook page and Tumblr account.