Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Saudi Launches ‘Film Society’ to Empower The Kingdom’s Filmmakers

Signifying a commitment to cultivating creativity, the initiative seeks to foster the development of the entertainment sector

Ziyad El-Helbawy

Saudi Launches ‘Film Society’ to Empower The Kingdom’s Filmmakers

The Saudi Ministry of Culture has recently launched an initiative to bolster the kingdom's nascent film industry under the title of the ‘Film Society’. Announced earlier this week at the Red Sea International Film Festival in Jeddah, the organization seeks to foster development of the entertainment sector through networking, training programs and advocacy efforts.

Headquartered in Riyadh, the Society will support film professionals and provide resources to talents in the field, working  collaboratively with international groups while recognizing achievements within the domestic industry. Additionally, the Film Society strives to raise public awareness of visual storytelling through outreach campaigns. Dedicated to empowering the film community in Saudi Arabia, the ‘Film Society’ intends to influence policies that positively impact growth.

The launch signifies the Kingdom’s ongoing commitment to cultivating the creative industries outlined in Vision 2030 reforms. As the Saudi film scene continues to emerge, the new Society is poised to help more artisans flourish and showcase their talent both locally and globally.