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Scott Adkins to Star in a Sobky Production Alongside Ghada Abdel-Razek

Yuri Boyka is here!

The famed English actor, Scott Adkins touched down in Cairo early this week as he gears up for his role in the upcoming Sobky production Karmooz War, which will be directing by Peter Mimi and starring Ghada Abdel-Razek and Amir Karara, El Watan News reports.

"Our producer Mohamed El-Sobky is sparing no efforts to make this a superior production. The Media Production City's set alone cost around EGP 5 million to build," Amir Karara says to El Watan News

Peter Mimi, Scott Adkins, El Sobky, Amir Karara(left to right)/Masrawy

Adkins is a known English actor and martial artist, with his most popular character being Yuri Boyka on the Undisputed movie saga. He has also made appearences on The Bourne Ultimatum and The Expendables 2.

Scott Adkins and Ghada Abdel-Razek in one frame? Ain't no mountain high enough to keep us from checking this one out.