Saturday June 3rd, 2023
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Stunning New Art Project Visualises Scenes from Everyday Egypt in Outer Space

We talk to the artist behind mesmerising photo series El Side Effect about the inspiration behind the project and Egypt's interplanetary relocation fantasies.

Staff Writer

If you're an Egyptian millennial, chances are you fondly remember Medhat Saleh's desperate cries to live in Kawkab Tany.

An Egyptian visual artist just took our nation's interplanetary relocation fantasies to a whole new level by releasing a photo series depicting scenes from everyday Egypt merged, incorporating breathtaking pictures of space, and the result was El Side Effect. "When we launched El Side Effect [the project] a little less than a year ago, our purpose was to present true Egyptian art that is accessible to all Egyptians," Ahmed Shalaby, the conceptual artist behind the series, tells us. 
"El Side Effect is about understandable art. A lot of the art created in Egypt is vague and abstract, which makes it inaccessible. Mine is very simple, merging Egyptian aesthetics with understandable and visually-pleasing elements," Shalaby explains.

Dreamt of visiting other planets? Evidently, it's not only impossible, it's a click of a mouse away!