Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Superstar Youssra's Surprising New Move

After 19 years off the stage, Youssra is finally making her theatrical comeback during Riyadh Season 2021.

Cairo Scene

Youssra - actress, singer and all-around glamour icon - is making a theatrical comeback after 19 years off the stage with a new play titled ‘Safi and Fafi’. Directed and written by Khaled Galal, who also created ‘Lama Baba Yenam’, the last play Youssra performed in 2002, ‘Safi and Fafi’ was especially made for Riyadh Season 2021 in Saudi Arabia.

Having started on October 3rd, Riyad Season is an annual event offering a diverse rollout of entertainment, artistic exhibitions, and cultural activities until March, 2022.

Along with her return to theatre, Youssra is working on her next Ramadan drama, ‘Ahlam Saeeda’, written by Hala Khalil and directed by Amy Arafa.