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Tafaseel Is All About the Intricate Details of Your Home

Because people with good taste always care about the details...

You know who likes details, besides annoying persnickety people, a.k.a your boss at work? People with good taste do. Yes, you know very well that you're all over the place and you do not have your shit together whatsoever, but you own some tafaseel that only you, and only you, can understand and love. It's hard to get these little deets in a country that mass-produces wood in bulks of bedroom, dining table, and kitchen cupboards, with the purpose of general furnishing of a place. However, with new local home decor brand Tafaseel finally emerging this week, artist John Mounir and his marketeer fiancée, Marianne Youssef, are determined to create pieces handmade with love from scratch, for all the details you want to accent your home with before you find yourself losing them to a painfully generic vase sitting among other useless clutter in your living room. 

Mounir challenges the notion of mass production taking over people's taste in their homes, and he tells us that there is a "gap" in the Egyptian market when it comes to wood and adding accents to homes, "I pursued my passion of art and handcrafts and decided I should take it to the next level with Tafaseel, where I design and handmake all types of home accent decor." With this passion, he not only works with wood, but with materials like steel pipes, PVC pipes, candles and many other materials to create soulful and detailed custom-made pieces. 

Our very favourite thing about this whole brand? Tafaseel seem to be experts at making wine holders. We're not saying that we drink enough wine to get an elephant buzzed or anything but we are saying that our favourite hobby is drinking wine and that their holders will make us feel like classy drinkers - and we know that's the only tafaseel we'll be remembering from that night.

So whether you want to have a plant in a wooden pot, or provide your bottle with a respectable position before you end its life, or both, John Mounir describes Tasafeel as a place where you can find what you've been looking for, "All pieces are handmade and designed to be unique and one of a kind, and that's the real angle we take Tafaseel." 

Find Tafaseel on their Facebook and Instagram.