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Tears of Our Lives

Examining tears under a microscope reveals a stunning truth...

Much like the astonishing experiments Masaru Emoto conducted to see the effect of aggressive and kind words on water, Rose-Lynn Fisher examined tears under the microscope to see if tears of happiness were the same as tears of sadness or longing or any time we cry; an idea that came to her after going through a period of loss and change herself.

The results are quite fascinating; the images show our tears magnified resulting in landscape-style images, telling a story all on their own. The different types of tears shape this way due to the different bio-chemical reactions that occur when we feel different emotions. More emotional tears contain neurotransmitter leucine enkephalin, a natural protein-based painkiller that is designed to reduce stress. Oggle at the mesmerising Topography of Tears below. Just don't cry...

Tears of laughing till I'm crying
Tears of change
Tears of grief
Onion tears
Basal tears
Tears of timeless reunion
Tears of ending and beginning
Tears of momentum, redirected
Tears of release
Tears of possibility and hope
Tears of rememberance