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The Adam Hanein Sculpture Competition is Now Open for Submissions

The annual sculpture prize with its EGP 50,000 award is one of the many legacies that Adam Henein left behind as Egypt’s sculpting pioneer when he passed away in May 2020.

adam henein

While it’s the fourth edition of the ‘Adam Henein Annual Sculpture Prize’, it’ll be the first to take place since its namesake passed away in May 2020. Although he’s gone, the Egyptian sculpting pioneer Adam Henein left behind a legacy of arts patronage and national treasures - including his restoration of the Great Sphinx of Giza, for which he received a medal in 1998. And among those legacies is his sculpture competition, which promises to support the victor with a grand prize of EGP 50,000.

Applications for the award are now open until November 15th. There are four prizes, so you'll still walk away with something if you don't get the top spot. The first-place winner will receive the aforementioned grand prize of EGP 50,000, while second place will get EGP 20,000. Third place EGP 10,000, and finally EGP 5,000 will be given out to fourth place. The cash prizes will be given out alongside a hefty takeaway of certificates and shields. At the end of the competition, the works will be displayed in an open exhibition at the Adam Henein Museum in Harraniyya.

Applicants can only submit one piece of artwork and since this competition focuses on young artists, the participants themselves can't be older than 40 years. To apply for the competition, head over to their website

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