Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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The Cairo Guide to Vintage Shopping

Spring is in the air and there's tonnes of markets, fairs and openings to visit. Here's what's coming up in the next few days...

Staff Writer

What? Vintage Market

Where? Fish Gardens Zamalek

When? This Saturday, March 14th, 10AM to 5PM

Looking for an antique photo frame or a beautiful vintage dress? This weekend the unique Vintage Farmers Market allows you to shop for all the old gems Egypt has to offer. A food court will serve fresh Tunisian and Moroccan tagins and homemade beauty and kitchen products are on sale, alongside local art and produce.

What? Zayed Garage Sale

Where? Lotus, Sixth of October

When? This Saturday, March 14th, 10AM to 6PM

Garage sales are an essential part of digging for forgotten treasures. This Saturday, Sheikh Zayed City will sell unwanted goods that may brighten up your rooms or mood. 

Photo Credit: CSA

What? CSA Farmers Market

Where? 4 Road 21, Maadi

When? Every Wednesday and Friday morning, 9AM to 2PM

The CSA understands a foreigner’s needs, and fresh produce and organic foods are as much part of those needs as cool vintage finds. In the spring, every Wednesday and Thursday, local goodies will be sold as fresh as possible, and local Maadians turn up with their unwanted goods for you to peruse too.

What? Bücherflohmarkt (Book Flea Market)

Where? Goethe Institut Library,

When? March 15th – 19th, 2015, 9AM to 2PM

In Germany, a Bücherflohmarkt exhibits the best of the oldest and newest books in a library and allows them to change owner for little money. The extensive choice of international books as well as some good old German gems for you language geeks out there will be up for grabs for four days.

What? Wekalet Al-Balah

Where? Off the Nile Corniche at the 15th May juncture in Bulaq.

When? Every day of every week

Wekalet Al-Balah stretches over endless winding streets in which used clothes are sorted and lined up to give you countless possibilities to find that one unique piece of clothing you’ve been waiting for. Once you found it, take it home, because you will never be able to find it again in the plethora of gear available.

What? Farmers & Artisan Market

Where? Sixth of October, for one day only. Usually at Sheikh El Marsafy Street, Zamalek

When? Tuesday March 17th 9AM to 5PM in Sixth of October; every other Saturday in Zamalek.

Residents of Sixth of October City, rejoice: this Tuesday, March 17th, it’s your turn for the Farmers & Artisan Market, one of the only places in Egypt to purchase Fair Trade goods and many other fresh and handmade products when it takes place at Bloom. On every other Saturday, Zamalek may shower itself in the unique treats. 

What? House of Vintage Launch

Where? Dreamland, Sixth of October.

When? From March 14th onwards.

Promising hand-picked, pre-loved furniture and home accessories, House of Vintage flings open its rustic doors in Dreamland this weekend. Sourcing their items from across Egypt and Scandanavia (for some reason), there will also be a few select fashion items, from retro sunglasses to vintage bags.