Friday April 12th, 2024
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The Columbus Affair

Steve Berry's latest historical thriller is the perfect long weekend read...

Staff Writer

The Columbus Affair

“What if everything we know about the discovery of America was a lie? What if that lie was designed to hide the secret of why Columbus sailed in 1492? And what if that 500-year-old secret could violently reshape the modern political world?”

Hook, line, sinker. We were sold by the first three sentences of Steve Berry’s latest release, and the fact that he’s a New York Times Bestselling Author, made us feel obliged to put on a completely unnecessary pair of glasses, find an armchair and curl up for a few hours with incredibly serious expressions on our faces.

Steve Berry

The Columbus Affair starts with the downfall of Pultizer Prize-winning journalist, Tom Sagan, as one of his ground-breaking articles from the Middle East is found to be false. As his career plummets into one huge, dark hole, it seems his journalistic career is over for good. Unable to prove he was set up, Sagan is close to rock bottom when a chance meeting with a secretive stranger urges him to take action. Suddenly, he finds himself the focus of Mallegan Billett’s attention – an agent from a top-secret sect of the United States Department of Justice. Slap-bang in the middle of an international incident and unsure of who he can trust, Sagan finds himself running for his life, in an adventure that takes him all over the world. Ending up in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Jamaica, his only lifeline is to rewrite everything he knows about Christopher Columbus.

Fast-paced and hard to put down, The Columbus Affair will have you on the edge of your seat as you will Sagan to succeed in his quest for justice. In a Da Vinci Code way, it will make you question history as we know it, provoking those intellectual thoughts that we love to have.

Grab a copy for the grand total of 60LE at Diwan Bookstores and lose yourself in this addictive story for a few days.