Monday 5 of December, 2022
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The Coolest Exhibits & Talks at Downtown's Cairo Photo Week

With Photopia's Cairo Photo Week halfway over, we've still got a wealth of exhibitions, panels and events to get into all over Downtown Cairo.

Cairo Scene

We're halfway through the second edition of Photopia's Cairo Photo Week, which gives us five more days to dive into all their exhibitions and talks over in Downtown Cairo. All the exhibitions are free to enter until March 20th:

MU'ANATH || Exhibition - 20 Adly Street 1st Floor

‘Mu’anath’ - which means ‘Feminine’ in Arabic - puts Egypt’s cultural perceptions of femininity on display.

CAIRO RESONANCES || Exhibition - Factory Side Workshops, 6 El Nabrawy Street

In collaboration with Danish sound artist Jacob Kirkegaard, this exhibit pairs Cairene scenes with recorded noise, bringing them to life with their echoing resonance.

IT'S PERSONAL || Exhibition - Factory Side Workshops, 6 El Nabrawy Street

'It’s Personal’ focuses on intimate stories that are close to the artists’ heart.

EVERYDAY PROJECTS || Exhibition - The Factory, 6 El Nabrawy Street

This exhibit combines three projects - ‘Everyday Egypt’, ‘Everyday Middle East’ and ‘Everyday Africa’ - that capture everyday life of people who are otherwise obscured in global media.

CIMA || Exhibition - CONSOLEYA, 5 Al Adl Street

Cima, short for ‘cinema’, explores iconic still frames from the films of seven famous cinematographers.

THE CLICHES OF A FEMALE ARTIST || Panel - Rawabat Art Space

Dina Abdelraheem, Nour Abdelraheem, Tara Emad, Menna El Kiey and Kawthar Younis host this panel on March 16th.


Ehab Mokhtar, Karim El Hayawan and Nelly ElSharkawy host this panel on March 17th.

IT IS ROCKET SCIENCE || Talk - Rawabat Art Space, 18/3/2021

Nader ElNakhoury hosts this talk on March 18th.

RED BULL PHOTOGRAPHY BATTLE || Event - Rawabat Art Space, 19/3/2021

At 7 PM, on March 19th, photographers Lorenz Richard and Samo Vidic clash horns by taking dynamic photos of Red Bull athletes. Who’s going to get the best shot?

WHAT YOU SEE IS WHAT YOU SEE || Photowalk - The Factory, 20/3/2020

On March 20th, Karim El Hawayan will lead you from The Factory through Downtown Cairo to show you how to see through a photographer’s lens.