Monday 30 of January, 2023
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The Final Fusion

The final night of Fusion at the CJC sees Waleed Mowafi wish more things were melded together...

Staff Writer

Last Tuesday at Jazz, singer-songwriter Sarah El Gohary took to the stage for the final installment in the club's hugely popular Fusion series.

Oozing charisma and confidence fueled by an endearing self-deprecation, she delivered her original compositions with flair and feistiness, whipping the crowd into a frenzy of salsa moves, hip-shaking and the type of dirty-dancing that would have Baby sent straight to the corner.

Interesting side-note, Sarah's brother is Jimmy of Salalem band fame. While we wouldn't dare to comment on who is the more talented of the due, Sarah is definitely the more attractive. Sorry Jimmy.

Sarah El Gohary

After a few drinks and some random banter with strangers Massar Egbari hit the stage. This wildly talented Alexandrian collective have already made quite a name for themselves, touring the Middle East and picking up multiple awards along the way.

Massar Egbari hit the stage

Of all the bands that have taken to the CJC stage throughout the past few weeks, this lot, without doubt, best epitomize the fusion epithet. Transcending genres, they meld oriental, rock, blues and jazz for euphoric sound that is truly unique. The crowd definitely seemed to agree, singing along to lyrics they'd clearly taken to heart. T'was the perfect conclusion to month of fusion and fun. Chapeau CJC!