Thursday September 28th, 2023
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The Ones to Watch: Actor Essam Omar Talks Viral Shows & Dating Apps

In this exclusive interview, Essam Omar explores the depths of the show’s virality, dating apps and his newfound medical knowledge.

Farida El Shafie

Egyptian actor Essam Omar (aka physical comedy fiend, occasional exam answer snooper and humble dating app evader) catapulted to internet stardom after starring in viral series ‘Balto’. Following multiple successful supporting roles on shows like ‘Suits Bel Arabi’, ‘El Ekhtiar’, and ‘Al Gisr’, Omar went on to land the leading role in ‘Atef Kamal’, which brought him a flood of national attention.

The series follows the titular character after he graduates from medical school. Eagerly awaiting the news of his placement programme, Kamal hopes to find himself enmeshed in the concrete-clad clasp of Cairo’s city life, only to be assigned to Tarshookh El Leef, miles away from the life he so desperately desired.

Lighthearted, whimsical and truly immersive, ‘Atef Kamal’ tracks the ebb and flow of the medical world. A test of personal perseverance, Omar’s character encounters an unexpected collection of cases that stretches his knowledge to its furthest extent and keeps viewers glued to their couches.

In this EXCLUSIVE CairoScene interview, Essam Omar explores the depths of the show’s virality, his humble beginnings, dating apps and his new found medical knowledge.