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‘The Origin’ Exhibit Uses Recycled Parts to Bring Us Back to Our African Roots

Artist Nada Amer’s latest solo exhibition ‘The Origin’ highlights Africa as the birthplace of humanity, celebrating our shared heritage through a message of environmentalism.

When you want to connect with your roots, sometimes you have to go all the way back, back to the cradle of civilization - to a time when humanity co-existed harmoniously with the planet, taking what they need and leaving the rest to nature, and to their future. Artist Nada Amer’s latest solo exhibition ‘The Origin’ highlights Africa as the birthplace of humanity. Creating all her art pieces with recycled materials only, Amer celebrates our shared heritage through environmentalism, bringing attention to the one thing we all have in common: our shared home.

Amer has consolidated herself in the art scene through her illustration work, which has led her to launch her own brand, Dew Inks, where she prints her art on shirts, mugs, wall prints and other products. Although this exhibit marks Amer’s first solo exhibition in Egypt, the artist has shown her digital painting works abroad multiple times in Bulgaria from 2013 to 2015.

But this time, Amer pursued unfamiliar territory. “These art pieces will be totally different than my illustrations," Amer tells #CairoScene. "I’m using recycled paper I created along with acrylics to create paintings. I wanted to bridge our connection to the environment with the fact that the human race stems from Africa."

"It was my opportunity to delve into an area of art that I hadn’t before," Amer adds. "I had done individual pieces on an African theme, but never a full collection before."

The exhibit will be held at Bahr Art House from November 7th to November 30th, starting at 6 PM