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The Roving Eye: What Did I Just Say?

The Egyptian dialect is filled with expressive idioms. This new book visualises and translates them for a photographic and literary feast!

The expression "paint the Devil on the wall" makes a lot of sense to Germans. And when the French drink, they turn "green". These examples of translating popular expressions literally highlights what hilarity can be expected from doing so.


In a new book called The Roving Eye, a group of Egyptians have accumulated traditional Egyptian expressions and have visualised them. What would expressions look like if they were taken literally? The answer to this question has produced an amazing collection of pictures which inspire to think about the words we use on a daily basis. What are we actually saying?

This compilation of stunning pictures with famous expressions and their literal translation point out how different languages are and how differently we communicate. The Roving Eye is more than just a book with lots of pictures; it is a collection of idioms and photos that make you think about how you communicate.  

The Roving Eye is published by AUC Press and available in bookstores and on Amazon now.