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The Shelter: Zamalek's Latest Refuge for Art

Focusing on photography prints by both professionals and amateurs, Yousef El Alfy's new Zamalek venture aims to make art more accessible.

If you’re an art aficionado, Zamalek is definitely the place to be, as the tiny island plays host to a myriad of galleries that make us feel all cultured and whatnot. Sometimes we lie and tell people we’re at an art gallery when we’re actually getting drunk at Pub 28 so that they think we are refined. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. Anyway, the upscale neighbourhood is welcoming another gallery to its roster with The Shelter, that just opened in Yamama Center and shelters (get it? Get it? Sorry, we like puns, so sue us) a myriad of beautiful prints. The gallery, founded by Yousef El Alfy, is focused showcasing primarily photography taken by local artists, in addition to other art dotted throughout. “We’ll feature both professional photographers and amateurs but essentially, it’s just beautiful photos. Having a nice photograph hanging on a wall really enhances the whole space,” he tells us.

The news producer started out by selecting works from people he knew personally, whose work he wanted to feature at the gallery. Having also worked with many photographers for a number of news agencies such as Reuters, he has rare access to a network of people who he knew had a roster of stunning photographs.

The Shelter’s philosophy is accessible but stunning art. “The pieces are already framed – it’s ready to go. And prints are not as expensive as traditional art,” El Alfy adds. Thank you kind sir. The number of times we’ve come across a 63,000 EGP painting and it’s like, uhhh, shall we sell a kidney?

Anyway, the gallery is still in its soft opening stages and will be having a swanky opening party in September. If you’d like some awesome pieces to liven up your walls, we suggest you pass by.

You can check out their Facebook page here.