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The Spring Project: Breathing Fresh Life Into Furniture

Cairo's furniture design industry is finally starting to change its spots. We stumbled upon one innovate design house, The Spring Project, that takes outdated pieces of furniture and reconditions them with a distinct vintage bohemian vibe, and the results are gorgeous...

The interior design industry has rapidly blossomed recently in Egypt, however, the furniture business lacks creativity when it comes to the design aspect. Still, there are a few unique businesses in the market, one of them being The Spring Project whose aesthetic brings an authentic flowery, bohemian-vintage charm to your home. Their style is very liberalised; unlike most traditional Egyptian houses. They offer an endless amount of extraordinary hand painted furniture that will give your home an hand-made artistic, quaint feel. They change traditional designs, recycle them, and modify the pieces into contemporary and modern ones.

Iman Maghawry, owner of The Spring Project, has lived in three homes the past nine years and had to alter her furniture every time, so she decided to make it a hobby out of it. “I didn't want to stop! I love interiors. I never studied them but I'm going to. I love furniture. I love antiques. I love art. I love beauty. So it's like a combination of everything; including the old unused pieces I used to bump into here and there. That inspired me; I couldn’t leave these beauties undiscovered; they're gorgeous, but outdated. They just need to be re-imagined and they will re-loved”.

“The Spring Project is my pursuit to find authentic pieces of furniture out there and recondition them; give them new life and meaning and sell them as authentic charming additions to new homes,” Maghawry tells us. She also restores old mirrors and turns them into new customised ones. “We have gone down the lane of creating antiqued mirrors; and we, as well as our clients were very happy with the results,” she explains.

“I'm especially drawn to romantic pieces, clean vintage, antique European, and especially French pieces. Also, we hand paint on wood, frames and fabric. Our aesthetic is artistic and romantic,” she tells us. Maghawry is planning on expanding her horizons soon by introducing a new collection of exciting innovations. Everything they use is local for the time being with skilled local workers and artisans helping bring the designs to fruition. 

The Spring Project take any tasteless pieces thrown their way and give them richness. “We believe it doesn't need to be an expensive piece to look rich,” Maghawry reveals. 

You can check out their Instagram account or Facebook page here.