Sunday 27 of November, 2022
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This Alexandrian is Making Art You Can Set on Fire

Abdelrahman Al-Habrouk is a 23-year old Alexandria-based artist making portraits out of tobacco, eventually setting them on fire.

Staff Writer

Haven't been inspired in a while? Well, there's nothing more inspiring than creating art out of something that’s meant to be harmful. And that’s exactly what Alexandrian artist Abdelrahman Al-Habrouk did. The artist uses tobacco to create portraits of celebrities and animals, eventually setting them on fire using gunpowder, as Reuters reports. 

The 23-year old began making art out of coffee, salt, and sand until he eventually began using tobacco to make more durable, long-lasting art. The artist has created portraits of celebrities such as Johnny Depp and Adel Imam. Check out some of his flammable pieces below. 

Photos by Mohamed Abd El Ghany/Reuters.