Monday 5 of December, 2022
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This Art Project by Artkhana is Bringing Color to the Streets of Old Cairo

In a wonderful initiative dubbed 'Palette El Sa3ada' by Egyptian art group Artkhana, over 100 university students from all over Cairo came together to repaint the walls of Old Cairo.

Staff Writer

A few flicks of a brush here and there can liven up even the most dreary of locales, and in the spirit of breathing new life into some of Cairo's least colourful of places, the wonderfully creative and animated folks over at Artkhana decided to hightail it over to Old Cairo and literally paint the town red - and a bunch of other colours too with the help of Orient Paints. 

Their latest initiative, titled Palettet El Sa3ada, gathered about 100 university students from all stretches of Cairo to let their imaginations run free, painting the drab and uninspiring walls, nooks and crannies of Old Cairo and giving the place a much needed morale boost, much to the delight of locals as they watched the young artists do their thing.

It's always good to see initiatives like this happen in the country; with the way our buildings seem to succumb to the ravages of time much faster than one would like, a fresh coat of paint and some dazzling artwork to boot can make all the difference for us Cairenes.

Head over to Artkhana's Facebook here and Instagram there to take a gander at their creations.