Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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This Initiative Needs Your Help to Revive Nubia's Colour

With a bit of paint and a sense for psychology, these inspiring individuals are breathing new life into the island of Heisa.

Staff Writer

Have you ever stopped to think about the impact that adding colour to your surroundings could have on you? How it can affect your mood or even your general outlook on life? The effect that colours can have on the human mind are by no means far-fetched, and many people the world over live in areas where naught but the most neutral and uninspiring of colours are the norm. Something that the wonderfully motivated guys and girls at Mashrou3 ElSa3ada have taken upon themselves to work against, and instead, spread vibrant and inspirational shades of beautiful colour to brighten up Egypt.

Founded in 2013, Mashrou3 ElSa3ada is a group of volunteers, students, and artists with a quintessential goal in mind; to breathe some much needed positive energy and happiness into the less privileged areas of Egypt with creative designs, joyful colours, and a healthy dose of inspirational quotes and messages to adorn the walls of homes that have been ravaged by time and circumstance. They’ve been doing some amazing work over the years, and their latest endeavour has seen them in the Nubian island of Heisa in Aswan. With tourism running dry since the 25th of January revolution, the island has seen much less visitors and much needed funds, and has succumbed to employment and psychological strife. For the past three years, Mashrou3 ElSa3ada have been working on revitalising the once vibrant village with their art and ingenuity, and they’ve made strong headway so far, but they need your help to see it through.

So far, they’ve painted 31 houses, built a Sabil, and hold brass workshops for the local women. These efforts have dramatically improved tourism to the area, but they need a bit of a boost to offer more. They’re currently running a crowdfunding campaign to raise $2000 to paint seven houses, hold productive workshops for local children and also provide them with a play area build from recycled materials. All in an effort to give the over 350 children more room to express themselves in a nurturing and energetic environment. Each tier of donation has its own reward for contributing, and for every cent you spend on the initiative, you could have a massive impact on the future and happiness of the families of Heisa.

So if you feel generous and want to help revive the psychological state of those less fortunate, head over to their crowdfunding campaign and share the good vibes with your friends, and maybe even pay their Facebook page a visit.