Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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This Video Will Make You Fall Back in Love With Cairo

Aspiring filmmaker Nermin Habib's latest short is an emphatic and inspiring ode to our dear capital.

Staff Writer

A million and one things pile up on our senses when we walk down any one street in Cairo. It's a veritable visual obstacle course, a melting pot of everything the city is and once was speeding around us like charged electrons in an atom. It's too much to take in day-in-day-out, so we drown it all out, make it all white noise and deja vu. But what if it was all slowed down? What if we could take it all in again from the beginning, slow down time and take a look around? That is the feeling portrayed in aspiring filmmaker Nermin Habib's short video Cairo Soul. We're taken on a journey around Cairo and the people, details and landmarks that make it up that feel so familiar yet so strange through a cinematic lens, all to the tune of Egyptian Project's Ya Amr.

"Cairo's soul is unique. It has a flavour, warmth and a rhythm that captivates people who experience it." Habib says, "I wanted to capture a glimpse of it by visually interpreting a calmness in all the noise, spritiuality in humbleness, beauty where it is least expected and pride in the strength and resilience that the people carry within them."

Check out Cairo Soul below: