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Upcoming Nabila Ebeid Book Reviews the Star’s Incredible Acting Career

The soon-to-be-published book by Egyptian film critic Mahmoud Qasim will provide a comprehensive look into Nabila Ebeid’s film and television roles over her 60-year career.

Considered one of the most celebrated actresses of our time, Nabila Ebeid’s career spans almost 60 years with a roster of achievements in both  film and television. With notable roles in films such as in El-Raqisa w Al-Seyasi (1990), Eghtiyal Modaresa (1988) and Kashf El-Mastoor (1994), we weren't surprised to hear a book is being written to document and review the diva’s super diverse cinematic performances  by widely-acclaimed film critic Mahmoud Qasim.

The biography will offer lengthy, in-depth reviews of Ebeid’s roles in all 86 films she has appeared in, as well as details on some of the most important directors she has collaborated with, including the likes of Atef Salim, Helmy Rafla and Ali Abdel-Khalek. We don’t know exactly when the book will be published, but we do know that Qasim is currently implementing the finishing touches.