Wednesday June 7th, 2023
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Viral Video: Lindsay Lohan Eats Rice With Her Hands on a Kuwaiti Talk Show

Frankly, Lindsay Lohan eating rice with her bare hands on TV is the least we have come to expect of her.

Staff Writer

Lindsay Lohan has been making turbid headlines in the media since she was photographed walking to her London hotel holding a Quran. Rumours of her converting to Islam have since been going wild. But did you ever imagine that the Mean Girls superstar would ever be filmed eating rice with her bare hands on the Kuwaiti comedy show Swar Shuaib? Regina George is officially not sitting with you!

It’s okay; you can come sit with us here in the Arab world instead! Shuaib, the show’s host, invited Lohan (to sit with him!) to address the topic of the programme Al Ta3ayosh (Coexistence). After briefly discussing with Lohan the backlash she’s been receiving following her flirtation with Islam, and how she deals with it – in the most lighthearted way ever too, if we may say so ourselves, Shuaib gives Lohan three options to chose from: An envelope, and iPad, or a Box, for a special surprise. Lohan curiously chooses the box when suddenly Shuaib pulls out a giant platter of Machboos Laham (a Kuwaiti rice and meat dish) and encourages Lohan to dig in with her whole hand the same way he does.

Shuaib continues to ‘educate’ Lohan about the etiquette of eating with a Kuwaiti, saying: “It’s not sushi. Sushi is eaten with three fingers. Our food, with all of your fingers,” Shuaib tells her.

The video has garnered almost 2 million views in less than two days.

Swar Shuaib is a popular Kuwaiti comedy show that can be likened to The Tonight Show. Every episode discusses a different socio-political topic that works to foster social change.

With Lohan’s recent refugee work in Turkey, we’re seeing more and more just how down to earth the actress can be. You GO Glen Coco! 

You can watch the whole episode below, or skip to 18:15 to watch Lohan's segment.