Friday June 14th, 2024
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WATCH: Actor Sedky Sakhr on Playing a Crooked Lawyer in ‘Sot Wa Soura’

As the finale of the hit Egyptian series ‘Sot Wa Soura’ approaches, actor Sedky Sakhr takes us behind the scenes of the mystery.

Farah Desouky

WATCH: Actor Sedky Sakhr on Playing a Crooked Lawyer in ‘Sot Wa Soura’

Since its debut early in November 2023, the Egyptian series 'Sot Wa Soura' has been delivering a blend of mystery, drama, and controversy to Egyptian audiences. From addressing sexual harassment cases, social stigma, and exploring the legal implications of artificial intelligence and deep fakes, the series delves into cultural and social issues impacting Egyptians.

Starring Hanan Motawie, Sedky Sakhr, Nardine Farag, Fadwa Abed and Amr Wahba, ‘Sot Wa Soura’ intertwines a murder mystery into its social narrative. Directed by Mahmoud Abdeltawab, the plot revolves around Essam El Sayyad, played by Mourad Makram, whose death in his clinic becomes the central focus, leaving every character a suspect.

As the series approaches its finale, offering the long-awaited resolution to the mystery, we caught up with Sakhr, portraying the infamous lawyer Lotfy Aboud. In this #CairoScene interview Sakhr takes us behind the scenes, offering insights into preparing for his role as a traditional lawyer whose self-righteousness leads him down unconventional paths.

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