Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Wall of Sound: The New Cairo Jazz Club Event Series Bringing Real Gig Culture to Cairo

Everything you thought you knew about gigging is being turned upside down.

Staff Writer

Cairo's live music and nightlife scenes are a veritable rainbow of genres, concepts and club nights. Fact. But when it comes to a true gig experience, there’s something lacking all-round.

If there’s one place that can capture it, though, it’s Cairo Jazz Club and the nightlife and live music staple is set to do exactly that with new concept, Wall of Sound, starting on Thursday 26th of September; one that's set to be a breath of fresh air. Scrap that, actually - it's more of a tornado coming through.

As the first of its kind in Egypt, the new night is creating a space for music fans to live their deepest, wildest gigging fantasy; a space to listen, watch and take it all in. ‘It’ comes in the form of some of the most unique indie acts from across the world, starting with Paul Bergmann (pictured in main image). But the Canadian indie-folk artist is just the tip of the iceberg, with acts covering huge variety of genres that Cairenes don't get to hear live and in person. Think everything from ambient, electronica, industrial and art pop, all the way to cold wave, minimal synth, dark pop and any other kind of left-field pop you can think of.

While the folks at CJC are keeping their cards close to their chests in terms of what promises to be a giddily exciting string of big acts, they did reveal that Swedish singer-songwriter and synth-pop experimenter, Molly Nilsson, and critically-acclaimed Finnish multi-instrumentalist, Jaakko Eino Kalevi, (who cites Ariel Pink as an influence) are on the cards, as well as Parisian-raised Egyptian-Iranian alt-pop princess, Lafawndah, and American darkwave duo, Boy Harsher.

Stay tuned to Cairo Jazz Club on Facebook and Instagram for announcements and dates.

Photo: Grimy Goods