Thursday 2 of February, 2023
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We Asked 10 Egyptian Photographers to Capture Each Other and the Results are Stunning

With so many capable lenses lurking around Egypt, it is an absolute outrage that the men and women behind them are seldom caught on camera themselves! So we tapped 10 Egyptian photographers and challenged them to photograph each other, in a series of images shot exclusively for CairoScene.

Staff Writer

Egypt has seen an undeniable surge in photography in recent years. A field which was once regarded as almost exclusively wedding related and the number of photographer doing work outside that matrimonial bubble could be counted on one hand, now has an endless array of men and women who capture all those elements that catch their eye - and their imagination. From street photographers whose images reflect the idiosyncratic realities of Egypt, to photojournalists who freeze fragments of upheavals in photos, to fashion photographers who snap style, the field is swelling in Egypt and its boundaries being pushed daily.

A few months ago, we highlighted some of coolest Egyptian photographers right now, those who manage to to make a 3D reality come alive in two dimensional form, and this time around we paired up 10 of them and asked them to photograph each other, wherever, whenever, however they wanted. And results are gorgeous. Check out the photos below, all of which were shot exclusively for CairoScene.

 Haya Khairat by Aisha Al Shabrawy


Aisha Al Shabrawy by Haya Khairat


Ahmed Zaatar by Omar Mattar


Omar Mattar by Ahmed Zaatar


Timothy Kaldas by Karim El Hayawan


Karim El Hayawan by Timothy Kaldas


Asmaa El Gaafar by Hana Perlas


Hana Perlas by Asmaa El Gaafar


Mostafa El Kashef by Taimour Othman


Taimour Othman by Mostafa El Kashef