Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Weladna's Educational Games Made in Egypt

After sometime in development, Weladna have finally released their educational board game, Beladna, aiming to help Egypt's kids discover their own habitat.

Staff Writer

Weladna is a high-principled organisation that facilitates activities and creative educational programs in English and in Arabic for children and youth from 9 to 18 years of age from all backgrounds. Curated by Fatma, who’s inspiration was her own daughter, Weladna encourage critical thinking, self expression and self-learning by offering locally and globally inspired products, group sessions and playful school curriculums raising knowledge about the environment, culture and diversity.

Their Baladna product line features a range of interactive and educational games. Baladna map colourfully illustrates a journey through the different governorates of Egypt where players are divided in teams and get to act, draw and use their imagination while exploring educational questions on the traditions, habits, food and environment that make up the diverse communities of Egypt, and lead their team to the finish line.


The million square kilometre map is a creative, educational poster designed for all ages, which visually portrays landmarks, people, animals, birds and trees within social, cultural and economic scenes in Egypt that we never knew existed. It’s package is created from recycled material (by APE) which you can reuse as often as you fancy.

The Baladna colouring book for children of four years and over, includes 20 visually creative illustrations with themes similar to those of the million square kilometre map as well as cards, post cards, cut outs and gift wrapping paper all ready to be coloured and its packaging is a stencil children can use on various surfaces.

The Million Kilo-Cart is a deck of flashcards that comes with an erasable marker, created for three year olds and over to use their imagination and interact with 50 visual designs by creating patters, solving mazes, connecting dots, drawing and many other stimulating activities that reflect on our culture, environment and people.

The purpose of these games is to educate children about Egypt’s cultural diversity in a fun and engaging manner. It is crucial for parents to give their children the space to create and learn while stimulating their imagination and desire to interact with other children and members of the community. Weladna ensures all children's needs for knowledge, fun and human interaction are all met under one innovative and clever program.

Feel free to visit their website or Facebook page for more information.