Friday April 19th, 2024
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Welcome to Djerbahood

Taking place right now in Djerba, Tunisia is the largest street art festival on earth, in which Egypt's own graffiti powerhouse Aya Tarek is currently partaking.

Staff Writer

Welcome to Djerbahood

Right now, 150 artists from all over the world are literally painting the town - specifically the small island town of Djerba in Tunisia. Throughout July and August, Djerbahood will see 150 renowned street artists from 30 different countries all around the world partake in the festival, in which they will be taking one-week turns painting the walls of the small town in their own distinctive styles.

Partaking in the festival is none other than Egypt's very own Aya Tarek, who has only just completed her week in Djerba, giving the small traditional Tunisian town a makeover in her own signature style.

Tarek expressed her excitement in partaking in the festival, noting that this is the biggest street art festival in the world.

The festival is organized but the French Itinerrances Gallery, and comes as part of a long series of similar festivals aiming to completely change the faces of different towns and cities across the world. Interrances has previously held street art festivals in towns and cities everywhere from Saudi Arabia to the UK to the Dominican Republic.

The idea is to turn each town into an "open air art museum" - to introduce an entirely new array of aesthetics to the traditional minimalist aesthetics of the town.

Together, the 150 artists are set to completely transform the face of the village. The whole process will be documented in a series, in collaboration with Arte, which will come out on September 5, airing episodes on Tuesdays and Fridays of the process of transformation for Djerbahood.

The series will be released on Djerbahood's website.