Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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West Bank Lighting Project Brings Nocturnal Tourists to Luxor

The completion of a project designed to light up some of Upper Egypt's most iconic Ancient Egyptian sights means you can now visit until 11PM.

Staff Writer

The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism, in collaboration with The Ministry of Antiquities and the Engineering Consultants Group (ECG), have completed The West Bank lighting project at The Valley of Kings and Queens in Luxor to open areas such as the Hatshepsut Temple, the Ramesseum and the Luxor Temple from all the way until 11PM during the summer season and from 6AM to 9PM during winter season to accommodate night time visitors, and enhance the West Bank’s security system.

Following the upheavals of the 25th of January revolution, the number of tourists visiting Egypt went down by a whopping 32.9%; a figure which Elhamy El-Zayat, chairman of the Egyptian Federation of Chambers of Tourism, seeks to re-boost through a tourism scheme, fully set in effect as of December 2015 to achieve a revenue target of $26 Billion by 2020.

This objective heavily relies on cultural tourism and visitors coming for temples and museums in the country, and so The West Bank lighting project is quite a promising start and seriously great news for all you nocturnal travellers out there, and to those of you who simply can’t tolerate the increasingly hot weather of Egypt's summer, you can come out of your air-conditioned daytime caves and revel in the cool breeze of the evening at your favourite ancient Egyptian, Pharaonic corners!

Photo courtesy of ECG - http://www.ecgsa.com