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Which Euphoria Character Are You Based on Your Fave Local Brand


Every indie Gen-Z brand in Egypt brims with its own unique personality, and little else feels more Gen-Z at the moment than Euphoria. So we decided to channel our obsession by matching your fav indie brand with each of the characters of the hit HBO show to discover who your Euphoric twin is. And if you’re matched up with your least favourite character, well - that sounds like a ‘You’ problem to us.

RICHA | Rue Bennette

‘Skaterboi’ meets ‘it girl’ - if your favourite brand is Richa, then you’re the main character. And you probably skate. And you likely have just the one concealer in your makeup drawer from four years ago, or a bedside table full of dream journals and tubs of half-used vaseline. Either way, the nonchalant, rugged streetwear Richa provides perfectly captures your internalised chaos.

BAYNOIRE | Nate Jacobs

The antagonist of the story - if Baynoire has your heart, then that makes you one with Nate Jacobs. Before you get defensive, this man had us all in a chokehold prior to his self-inflicted demise. You’re frankly irresistible to everyone and their mum, and so are Baynoire’s matching sweat sets. The array of colours these come in is perfect for the 17 moods you toggle between on a daily basis.

KATO | Cassie Howard

Imbued with the divine feminie, you’re the dainty lip gloss and pearls girl that might have one too many breakdowns, and perhaps struggles to make up her mind from time to time. This brand’s ultra-feminine beaded bags match your summery two-piece sets and those baby pink Mach & Mach heels that you’ve been eyeing for the past six months.

MUKK | Lexie Howard

Preppy-chic and probably a Virgo. If MÙKK is your kind of brand, then you are none other than Lexie Howard. You collect sweater vests, you iron your long-sleeve shirts, your planner is colour-coordinated beyond belief. You listen to Taylor Swift (but only Taylor’s versions), and your candles all smell like fresh laundry and spring. You top every outfit with a sleek bun and god forbid anyone catches you without a perfect manicure.

OBSIDIAN | Kat Hernandez

You ARE New York Fashion Week and no one is mad about it. Every day is your runway, and every day you pull standout fits. The vibrant Avant-Garde clothing brand animates your already inventive stylistic choices. You’re a ‘no-drama’ type gal…unless it's a mesh catsuit…then you’re an ‘all-drama’ icon.

RIGASH | Maddy Perez

You make headlines, and you command the room wherever you go. You’re confrontational and bold, and everything you say goes. Rigash’s assuming prints align with your valiant, unapologetic nature. You’re the friend that takes the orders at every restaurant, and need we forget that you are also the friend that asks for a straw when it’s been forgotten?

BE INDIE | Jules Vaughn

You’re the ultimate carefree soul that everyone loves being around, and you don’t need anyone to remind you. You’re flamboyant, perhaps to your own detriment, but it’s quirky and so is your denim Zebra set. You’re cool, you have a signature scent and it’s probably Chanel chance or Maison Margiela's bubble bath. Nevertheless, you just know what’s up, and that’s why you love ‘Be Indie’.

OHANNA | Elliot

Just like this man’s last name (does he even have one?), you are mystery personified. Ohanna a collective apparition brought to life, all refined and high fashion. Like Elliot, who makes grand sweeping entrances that change the trajectory of every embedded storyline, if Ohanna speaks to you, then you’re otherworldly. Also, stop showing up three hours late to everything that isn’t the MET gala.


You’re likeable and comfortable but don’t get it twisted, that doesn’t mean you’re boring. Just like ‘Decked Out,’ there are two sides to you - a demure exterior and a slightly anarchic exterior. Put simply, it's business in the front and party in the back for you.