Sunday October 1st, 2023
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Whimsy & Delight with New Egyptian Children's Book 'The Insect Party'

'The Insect Party' is a whimsical addition to children's developing bookshelves, teaching them fun facts through a colourful cast of bug characters.

Staff Writer

At the age of 22, Egyptian author and illustrator Danny Arafa has come out with his second children’s book, bringing with it a little world of whimsy. ‘The Insect Party’ – published by Wafaai Publishing House - lets readers befriend a colourful cast of tiny, witty critters. The book follows two children who languish in boredom, as they would, at a grown-ups' party. They are then invited by a ladybug to the titular insect party, where they get to learn all about the fun facts and endearing quirks of their new bug pals.

“So many children’s books focus so strongly on a moral where you need to learn something at the end, but I purposefully don’t have that with this book. I wanted it to be about having fun and just learning about insects,” Arafa tells CairoScene. “As a kid, I myself would spend time looking for insects at garden parties, and I hope – through my work – to inspire kids to explore the world and learn about what they like.”

The whole idea started four years ago in one of Arafa’s university classes. Just like one of his characters, Arafa was utterly bored and started doodling. And just like them, he escaped into a realm of imagination, which began with a drawing of a ladybug. We saw how far that ladybug led him, and we can only imagine how far it can lead young readers who are brave and curious enough to follow.

‘The Insect Party’ will soon be available in bookstores across Egypt and for online ordering.