Wednesday May 22nd, 2024
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Here’s How to Get Your Hands on Egypt’s Official Football Fan Hoodie for Free

The Sports Shop is giving hard-core football fans the chance to win free Egyptian National Team Official Fan Hoodies for Sunday’s grand final. #Shaga3_YaMasry!

Staff Writer

Here’s How to Get Your Hands on Egypt’s Official Football Fan Hoodie for Free

If you’re anything like us, you probably sit behind a television yelling and screaming while watching the The Pharaohs play in the Africa Cup of Nations because El Hadary just blocked the world’s most powerful shot because he is superhuman. You probably also think that he blocked it because of how hard enta betshaga3

But ask yourself: how hard are you actually shaga3-ing? If you’re not wearing a warm winter hoodie in the colours of Egypt, then you’re probably not doing a very good job. Egyptian sports merchandise and online retailer, The Sports Shop (TSS), are giving die-hard football fans the chance to win an Egyptian National Team (ENT) Official Fan Hoodie for free!

To get your hands on these bad boys, get creative and take a picture of yourself predicting the scores for Sunday’s grand final match between Egypt and the opposition; either by just using your hands or you could even write the score on a piece of paper. Upload your photo to social media using the hashtag #Shaga3_YaMasry on Instagram and your entry could be selected to win a free ENT Official Fan Hoodie. And that is exactly how you shaga3 The Pharaohs.

To shaga3 masr even more, TSS have been producing 100% Egyptian made sports merchandise that you wouldn’t find anywhere else in Egypt, and selling it to the public at realistic prices. Even the merchandise that you do find in Egypt is either ridiculously overpriced or is of terrible quality.

TSS manufactures their hoodies with local premium quality fabrics and offer free delivery, as well as free returns and exchanges on any item. The best part is they ship within two business days if you’re in Cairo, which means even if you don’t win a hoodie, you can get one in time for the finals on Sunday.

We’re not sure if TSS loves us or Egypt more.

Use code ‘CairoScene10OFF’ to get 10% off your purchases. 

Check out TSS on Facebook and Instagram.