Friday December 8th, 2023
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YouTube Aflam: For Love the of Classics

Much to our joy, YouTube has dedicated a channel to classical Arab films.

Staff Writer

Sorted by year, genre, actor, director and writer; YouTube makes life blissful with its new channel dedicated to classical Arab films. Quick, somebody tell mama and baba.

Once the true weapon of soft power, who can deny that Egyptian classics were the true pioneers of the Arab cinema industry with renowned names such as Shadia, Roshdy Abaza and the king of slapstick comedy Ismail Yassin? This channel makes one reminisce about the good old days with real favourites. The movie titles are both in Arabic and English, sometimes French, but the actual movies themselves don’t include subtitles.

For lovers of the glory days of cinema this channel is heaven sent. This is one library that will turn lazy afternoons into a path down memory lane.