Friday May 24th, 2024
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Your Guide to Egypt’s Most Anticipated Ramadan 2024 Series

In preparation for this holy month, we’ve curated a list of the hottest shows to keep an eye out for during Ramadan.

Riham Issa

Your Guide to Egypt’s Most Anticipated Ramadan 2024 Series

As the holy month of Ramadan draws near, we are already buzzing with fervour for those traditional post-iftar nights, when the whole family will inevitably become glued to the TV screen. With social media exploding with teasers of the upcoming Ramadan series, we can’t help but ponder: which shows will become the talk of the Twitterverse, and which controversial character will stir up a frenzy at the dinner this time around…? Whether they’re 15 or 30 episodes long, we’ve curated a list of some of the hottest shows to keep an eye out for...

Al Hashasheen | DMC & WATCH IT

‘Al Hashasheen’ is a period drama starring Karim Abdel Aziz as Hassan El Sabagh, the leader of Al Hashasheen, a group of Shiite assassins in the mountains of Persia and Syria, which separated from the Fatimids in the fifth century. Directed by Peter Mimi, who directed the hit Ramadan series ‘Al Ekhteyar’, the 30-episode series tells the stories of the infamous order of assassins and their blood-soaked operations. The cast features Fathi Abdel Wahab, Nicolas Moawad, Mirna Nour El Din, Suzan Najm El Din and Omar El Shenawy. 

Embratoryet Meem | DMC, Shahid & WATCH IT

Starring Khaled Al-Nabawi and Hala Shiha, ‘Embratoryet Meem’ is based on a collection of short stories by renowned writer Ihsan Abdel Quddus. Directed by Mohamed Salama, the 30-episode series follows the story of a father who gave all six of his children names that begin with the letter ‘Meem’ because of his intense pride in the letter. The cast features Nashwa Mustafa, Mayan Al-Sayed, Nour Al-Nabawi and Mohammed Mahmoud Abdel Aziz. 

Al A’tawla | MBC Masr & Shahid 

‘Al A’tawla’ follows the story of two siblings caught in a rivalry, whose greediness and jealousy lead their family to ruin and send one of them to prison. Directed by Ahmed Khaled Moussa and written by Hisham Helal, the 30-episode drama series stars an ensemble of notable Egyptian actors such as Ahmed El Sakka, Tariq Lotfy, Bassem Samra, Zeina and Mai Kassab. 

Ha’ Arab | ON & WATCH IT 

Directed by Ismail Farouk and written by Mahmoud Hamdan, the 30-episode Romance/Drama series discusses the complexity of familial relationships. The series features Ahmed Al-Awadi and Wafaa Amer, along with Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, Wafaa Makki, Riyad Al-Kholy and Caroline Azmy. 

El Kabeer Awy 8 | ON & WATCH IT 

Actor and rapper Ahmed Mekky returns once again as the boss of the Upper Egyptian town of Mazarita alongside Ahmed Salam and Hisham Ismail. Though we are quite certain that the popular sitcom will captivate Egyptian audiences this season - just like it did every year since its comeback in 2022 - the question remains: what kind of outrageous shenanigans will they embroil themselves into this time around?

Mohareeb | CBC & WATCH IT

Featuring actors Hassan Al-Raddad, Ahmed Zaher and Majed Al-Masry, ‘Mohareeb’ is a 30-episode social drama following the story of a young man from Upper Egypt. After the death of his father, he finds himself forced to work to support his family and discovers a secret that alters the course of his life. Directed by Sherine Adel and written by Muhammed Sayed Bashir, the series also stars Malak Ahmed Zaher, Nahed Al-Sibai, Nermin Al-Feki, Karim Al-Omari and Salwa Othman.

Al Madah 4 | MBC Masr & Shahid

Word on the street is that Egyptian actor and singer Hamada Hilal was unable to get out of Al Madah’s character since he first took on the role in the Ramadan 2021 hit. So, he decided to bless our eyes with a season each Ramadan, including a fourth season this year. Well, we can’t really complain.. who can pass a 30-episode fantastical tale about Jiin to munch on during Suhoor?


‘Lunchbox’ is an Arabic adaptation of renowned American crime comedy ‘Good Girls’ featuring Egyptian actors Ghada Adel, Jamila Awad and Fadwa Abed. Directed by Hisham El Rasheedy and written by Amr Medhat, the 30-episode series’ narrative unfolds around three women - two sisters and their friend - embroiled in a comedic tale of robbery. As they strive to distance themselves from this underworld, they find themselves drawn into more criminal activities. The cast also features Egyptian actors Ahmed Wafik, Hesham Ismail, and rapper and actor Shahin.

Sodfah | Al Hayah, CBC, DMC & WATCH IT

‘Sodfah’ follows the story of a history teacher portrayed by Reham Haggag who finds herself burdened with a responsibility to tell her hairdresser Fouad Mahran, the owner of a famous regional chain salon, that his daughter is cheating on her husband with another man. Directed by Sameh Abdel Aziz and written by Ayman Salama, the 30-episode series tackles various psychological and social issues, featuring a talented ensemble of Egyptian actors, including Khaled Al-Sawy, Salwa Khattab and Essam Al-Sakka. 

Beit Al Refa’ey | ON & WATCH IT 

‘Beit Al Refa’ey’ stars Amir Karara as the eldest son of a famous merchant named Mahmoud Al Refa’ey. Directed by Ahmed Nader Galal and written by Peter Mimi, the 30-episode series sees Karara embodying the role of a doctor for the first time. The cast features renowned Egyptian actors like Sayed Ragab, Enas Kamel, Safaa El Toukhy, Aida Riad, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Rehab El Gamal and Malak Qora. 

Al Ma’lem | Al Hayah & WATCH IT 

‘Al Ma’lem’ is a 30-episode social drama starring Mostafa Shaaban as Hamid, a fish merchant who finds himself caught in the middle of bitter conflicts that arise between major merchants in the fish market. Directed by Markus Adel and written by Muhammed Al-Shawaf, the series’ cast includes Hajar Ahmed, Ahmed Bedir, Sahar Al-Sayegh, and Ahmed Fouad Selim.

Seed El Aqareeb | CBC & WATCH IT

‘Seed El Aqareeb’ is a 30-episode drama series starring Ghada Abdel Razek as Aida, a successful businesswoman who tries to navigate a financial crisis and constant conflicts between her family and a group of businessmen, whilst investigating the murder of her brother. Directed by Ahmed Hassan and written by celebrated playwright Baher Dowidar, the series’ cast features Mohamed Alaa, Riyad Al-Kholy, Simon and Ahmed Saaed Abdel Ghani. 

Qal’a Al Hagar | Al Nahar 

Set in the Nubia and Qamula region in Upper Egypt, ‘Qal’a Al Hagar’ is a social drama series that tackles the universal theme of women’s rights. Inspired by true events, the series features an ensemble cast led by Mohamed Riyad and Susan Badr, along with Sahar Al-Sayegh, Rania Farid Shawqi, Mufid Ashou, and Bahaa Tharwat. The 30-episode series is directed by Hosny Saleh and written by Ahmed Wafdi.

Bedoon Moqabel 

Featuring Hany Ramzey and Dalia El Behiry, ‘Bedoon Moqabel’ revolves around the heroism of security personnel and their sacrifice in fighting terrorism. The 30-episode series is directed by Gamal Abdel Hamid and written by Hossam Moussa.

Garey Al Wuhoosh | Al Mehwar

‘Garey Al Wuhoosh’ is based on a 1987 classic movie of the same name, which was written by the late Mahmoud Abu Zeid, and starred Nour El Sherif, Hussein Fahmy, and Mahmoud Abdel Aziz. The 30-episode series stars Nidal Al-Shafei and Mahmoud Hegazy as two best friends, Saeed and Nabil. Directed by Abdel Aziz Hashad, the series’ narrative follows the duo’s misadventures as Nabil, who is a doctor, decides to help Saeed ‘fix’ his issue of infertility by transplanting a part of a poor man’s brain into Saeed’s. 

Kamel Al Adad 2 | ON & Shahid 

Following the success of their Ramadan 2023 hit series, Egyptian superstars Dina El Sherbiny and Sherif Salama will once again share the screen with a second season of ‘Kamel Al Adad’. The 15-episode series follows the story of a single mother named Laila, who falls in love and tries to navigate the challenges of her new relationship while raising four children. Directed by Khaled El Halafawy, and co-written by Yousr Taher and Rana Abo El Reesh, the series features nearly all of its original cast except for the late Mostafa Darwish, whose character will not be recast. The series will also feature Sedky Sakhr taking on the role of a new character named Karim. 

Kobra | MBC Masr & Shahid 

After a three-year absence from the Ramadan TV screen, Egyptian actor Mohammed Adel Emam is returning this Ramadan with the mini-series ‘Kobra’. Directed by Ahmed Shafiq and written by Ahmed Abu Zaid, the series will see Mohammed Emam starring as the owner of a car repair shop while he struggles to balance between his good and evil sides. 

Maliha | Al Hayah, CBC, ON & WATCH IT

Featuring a cast ensemble led by Mervat Amin, Ashraf Zaki, Amir Al-Masry and Hanan Suleiman, the 15-episode series tackles the Palestinian cause and the ongoing Zionist aggression. The story follows a Palestinian girl named Maliha, who was displaced from her homeland to Libya after the 2000 Intifada. The narrative unfolds as Maliha meets a young officer on the Egyptian-Libyan border who tries to help her return to the Gaza Strip. The series is directed by Amr Arafa and written by Rasha El Gazar. 

Farwla | DMC & WATCH IT 

‘Farwla’ is a 15-episode comedy series starring Nelly Karim as the daughter of a janitor, who is a professional cup reader. Directed by Mohammed Ali and written by Mohammed Suleiman Abel Malik, the series follows Farwla’s misadventures as she seeks to have a better life by becoming a woman of society. The cast features Shaima Seif, Sedky Sakhr, Ahmed Fahim, Mostafa Khater and Ola Roshy. 

Baba Geh | DMC, Shahid & WATCH IT

‘Baba Geh’ is a comedy series starring singer and actor Akram Hosny as a 40 year-old man who works as a hotel manager navigating the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. Directed by Khaled Mara’e, and written by Wael Hamdy, the 15-episode series also stars Nisreen Amin, Samaa Ibrahim, Faryal Youssef, Mahmoud Al-Bazawi and Mohammed Otaka. 

Bedoon Sabeq Inzar |DMC & WATCH IT 

Initially named ‘Al Sa’a Khamsa’, the 15-episode series will be the first time we see Egyptian actor Asser Yassin and Tunisia’s Aisha Bin Ahmed sharing the TV screen. Directed by Hany Khalifa and written by Alma Kafarneh, the series’ narrative follows the story of a married couple, Majed and Laila, who face a lot of problems as they await the arrival of their first child. The cast features Nihal Anbar, Nabil Al-Halafawi and Ahmed Khaled Saleh. 

Masar Egbari | Al Hayah, CBC, ON, WATCH IT & Shahid

Directed by Nadine Khan and written by renowned screenwriter Baher Dowidar, ‘Masar Egbari’ sees Essam Omar and Ahmed Dash sharing the screen for the first time. The 15-episode social drama features the two rising actors starring as two brothers, Hassan and Hussein, who discover a secret that changes their lives forever. The cast includes Mai El Ghety, Rushdy Al-Shamy, Basma and Sabreen.

Ser Elahey | CBC &  WATCH IT

'Ser Elahey’ is a drama series starring Rogina as Nasra, a woman who is betrayed by the people closest to her and decides to take revenge. Directed by Raouf Abdel Aziz and written by Amin Gamal, the series will run for 15 episodes, featuring a talented ensemble of Egyptian actors including Ahmed Magdy, Rana Rais, Mai Selim, Mohamed Tharwat, Mimi Gamal, Salah Abdullah and Ahmed Slama. 

Atabat Al Bahga | DMC & WATCH IT

Led by veteran Egyptian actor Yehia El Fakharany and Mayan El Sayed, the mini-series is adapted from the novel of the same name by Egyptian writer Ibrahim Abdelmegeed. Directed by renowned Egyptian filmmaker Magdy Abo Omeira and written by Medhat El Adl, the series follows a grandfather’s troubled relationships with his grandchildren. 

Godar | ON & WATCH IT 

‘Godar’ is a new version of the famous folk tale ‘Alf Leila W Leila’ (‘A Thousand and One Nights’) starring Yasser Galal. Directed by Islam Khairy and written by Anwar Abdel Mughith, the 15-episode fantasy series features Lebanese actor Nour, Yasmine Rais, Wafa Amer, Tara Emad, Jihan Al-Shamasherji, Aida Riyad and Ahmed Maher.

Lahzet Ghadab | WATCH IT 

Featuring Mohamed Shaheen, Saba Mubarak, Ali Assem, Sara Abdelrahman and Nardine Farag, ‘Lahzet Farag’ tackles the complexity of romantic relationships. Directed by Abdel Aziz Al-Najjar, the drama series will run for 15 episodes. 

Selat Rahem | MBC Masr & Shahid 

‘Selat Rahem’ is a drama series that tackles the social taboos surrounding surrogacy. Directed by Tamer Nadi and written by Mohamed Hisham Obayya, the 15-episode series stars Eyad Nassar as an anesthesiologist named Hossam, and Yusra El Louzy as his wife Laila. 

Khaled Nour W Walado Nour Khaled | MBC Masr & Shahid 

The mini-series tackles the complexities of marital disputes within a comedic context. Directed by Mohamed Amin, and co-written by Karim Samy and Ahmed Abdel Wahab, the series stars Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Chico, Aya Samaha, Donia Maher, and Sherif Ramzy.

Ashghal Shaqa | MBC Masr & Shahid 

‘Ashghal Shaqa’ is a comedy series following the misadventures of a forensic medicine specialist, starring Hesham Maged and Asmaa Galal as parents who search for an au pair to take care of their newborn twin children. The 15-episode series is directed by Khaled Diab, while the cast features the likes of Mustafa Ghareeb and Salwa Mohammed Ali. 

Ne’mat Al Avocato | MBC Masr & Shahid 

This drama series stars Mai Omar as Ne’mat, an intelligent lawyer at the High Court of Appeal and the State Council, who can dictate the success and failure of lawsuits as soon as she sees them. Directed by Mohammed Samy, the 15-episode series’ narrative unfolds as Ne’mat gets betrayed by her husband (Ahmed Zaher), who steals her money and tries to kill her when she confronts him. The cast also features Arwa Goda, Samy El Maghawry, and Kamal Abo Raya.

A’la Nesbet Moshahda | MBC Masr & Shahid

Based on true events, the series follows Salma Abo Deif as Shaimaa, a poor girl who is obsessed with TikTok. Directed by Egyptian filmmaker Yasmine Ahmed Kamel and written by Samar Taher, the cast for this 15-episode series features Entesar, Laila Zaher, Farah Youssef, Mohammed Mahmoud, Hind Abdel Halim, Mohamed Shaheen and Islam Ibrahim.