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Crowdfunding 1001 Street Chairs of Cairo

After having won us over with their whimsical photos series of chairs across the city, Manar Moursi and David Puig have turned to art lovers across the world to help get their book published. Here's how you can help...

A few years back in 2011, two Cairo-based photographers started to take notice of a ubiquitous yet an oft overlooked item in the city: the humble chair. Manar Moursi and David Puig then took to wandering the streets of the city and started photographically documenting the myriad unique chairs scattered across the sidewalks. They spent the next three years roaming around the various realms of Cairo and collecting over 1,000 Polaroid images of chairs as well as conducting interviews with their owners’ creating, in effect, a patchwork story of the city through an original and alternative lens. Through a collection of images and stories, they stitched together a unique tale of Cairo, and eventually pooled them all into a book Sidewalk Salon: 1001 Street Chairs of Cairo, which is now ready for print.

To publish the book in the quality it deserves, they need to raise $19,000 dollars and have taken to crowdfunding site Indiegogo to source the funds. The project is reflective of Cairo and its unique facets and is something we think it’s totally worth it to contribute to its completion. Plus, they’ve prepared oodles of cool perks for people who get involved like tote bags, posters, and even pieces of art from other artists who’ve donated their work to the project.

You can donate to the campaign here, and check out the video they’ve created especially for it below, directed by Aida El Kashef with music by Aya Metwalli.

You can check out their Facebook page here.