Sunday May 28th, 2023
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This Egyptian Artist Superimposes Classic Movie Moments on Their Modern Day Locations

Mac Toot takes a unique look back at the Golden Age of Egyptian Cinema.

Staff Writer

Remember the good always when romance involved Roshdy Abaza getting on the train at the last minute to stop Souad Hosny from marrying the wrong man and then making sure he stayed out of the picture for good by getting him arrested under pretext that Soad Hosny is underage and being kidnapped in Sa3'eera 3al Hob? While in retrospect, his actions may have been questionable, we can't fault a man in love for going to such great lengths to save his beloved. Who of us doesn't get nostalgic when watching Fouad El Mohandess sweeping Shweekar off her feet, or Singing along to Abdel Halim Hafez's songs?

Local artist, Mac Toot, seems to be a big ol' softy with his latest project, in which he pays homage to some of our favourite films from Egypt's Golden Era in his recent #CairoFilmed/#CairoThenAndNow project, where he cleverly superimposes iconic scenes and moments from old school movies onto the modern version of where they were filmed. 

Check out the pictures.

3arous El Nil (1963) – Al Gabalaya, Zamalek

Al Less Wal Kelab (1962) - by the Rifai/Sultan Al Hassan Mosque, Darb Al Ahmar

2abi fawk al shagara (1969) – Sidi Gaber, Alexandria

Ana Hora (1959) – Talaat Harb Street, Downtown Cairo

Makan Hob (1975) – Behind Baron castle, Masr Gedeeda

Ayam w Layali (1955) – Gabalaya Street, Zamalek

Bayn Al Sama Wal Ard (1960) – Le Bon building, Zamalek

Gheroub Wa Sherouk (1970) – Belair Building, Zamalek

Al Layla Akheera (1964) - Anglican Church, Alexandria

Lesoos Laken Xorafa2 (1968) – Haram Street

Miramar (1969) – Raml Station, Alexandria

Zakak Al Madka3 (1962) – Moez Street, Cairo

Motarda Gharameya (1968) – Thawra Street, Heliopolis

Sa3’eera 3al Hob (1966) – Hegaz street, Heliopolis

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