Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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This Egyptian Instagram Account Unearths Rare Photos of Golden-Era Arab Stars

The late 20th century was a weird time to be alive.

Staff Writer

Sometimes, it’s fun to teleport back in time, especially when it’s with celebrities that we grew up to know and (sometimes) love. Summer Nazif made that oh so easy, with her Instagram account Vintage Arabia and her essential collection of vintage pictures of Egyptian icons. In her collection, she takes a trip down a lane where Adel Imam was chilling with Yasser Arafat, Omar El-Sherif's sideburn game was peaking and Mohamed Ramadan was still not number 1: rather, a struggling theater actor working with Saeed Saleh. The times have indeed changed, but Summer's here to remind us of what they once were. Here are some of our favorites.

Here, for example, is Baleegh Hamdy, Omar El-Sherif and Abdelhalim Hafez are chilling in the company of a (probably) recording contraption completely unheard about to us millennials.

And here's Sherihan totally being that hair flip emoji 💁‍♀️.

And Hind Rostom, a total doll, cuddling with a bunch of dolls. A bit creepy if you ask us?

Samir Ghanem and Adel Imam being total boss bitches as Roshdy Abaza seems to have much to say on the set of Azkeyaa Laken Aghbeyaa.

And some massive Cheb energy in this one with Rachid Taha, Cheb Khaled and Cheb Fadil being all cuddly and wholesome.

Bless us with more Hussein Fahmy and Mervat Amin. They were married for fourteen years and we're more than fine being stuck in that world.

But did you imagine Nadia Lotfy would be just like us? Well, not exactly like us, but a total goddess eating some good old watermelon on the floor.

And here's the Numbar One, Mohamed Ramadan as a hungry artist making his beginnings along side the great Saeed Saleh.

But why do you think Adel Emam would be casually chilling with one of the icons of Palestinian resistance? What do you think they talked about?

And why is Ahmed Zaki being a total Hadaba while the now-Hadaba observes in fascination? Definitely, get you a girl who looks at you the way Amr Diab looks at Ahmed Zaki.

And then fly away into a career in the matrix of your own success.

But don't forget to stay shady, just like this fabulous Sabah just being a total gold rush.


But don't forget to stay on that big cock energy.

And check out more on @vintarabia by Summer Nazif's "All things Arab. Most things vintage." We're obsessed.