Thursday April 18th, 2024
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With what seems like the whole Twittersphere rallying against Muslim Brotherhood spokesperson Gehad El Haddad, we've put together 10 reasons so be nice to him. Because CairoScene cares.

Staff Writer


If you don't know Gehad El Haddad, he is the media spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood and all round evil human person. Most likely the most hated person in Egypt right now, maybe even more so than Morsi, his Twitter feed is a constant stream of ridiculous lies supporting the Ikhwan movement and defensive statements against the abuse he receives. To be honest, we felt a bit bad. How can one man be hated so much? He is human after all (we think), so we've decided to give him a little lift. Here are 10 things NICE things about Gehad El Haddad.

1. He has a very well trimmed beard.

2. His eye glasses seem modest and efficient.

3. His first and second name rhyme and roll off the tongue very nicely.

4. He has loads of Twitter followers.

5. He is a very loyal man.

6. His forehead seems clean.

8. Okay, we can't come up with anymore but maybe you can...?

Say nice things to Gehad El Haddad on Twitter with the hashtag #BeNiceToGehad and @ him @GelHaddad.