Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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10 Unmissable Speakers at RiseUp 2021

This year's edition of Egypt's biggest entrepeneurial gathering has secured some huge names from across the world.

John Bichara

10 Unmissable Speakers at RiseUp 2021

"Everyone goes to the pyramids for the history, we're going for the future." It's a hell of a tagline, one that encapsulates just how unprecedented Riseup Summit 2021 is gearing up to be. Scheduled to run from November 25th to November 27th, Riseup is going to the Great Pyramids of Giza, and with them a lineup of some of the most influential people in the world, from techies to artists, from entrepreneurs to business thinkers. Here are ten of the most intriguing pioneers to watch by the shadows of the last remaining world wonder…


Channel 2 | The Art of Improv (Talk)

Friday, 26th of November | 5.10 PM

Acting and improv coach at Luke-Lehner Studio, Ramsi Lehner has the expertise to lead this session on the art of improvisation, and why this unique performance style - with its heavy reliance on effective communication, cooperation, and efficiency - is considered a full-on lifestyle among its proponents.


Channel 3 | Tech Adoption for Economic Transformation (Talk)

Thursday, 25th of November | 7.15 PM

In 1992, Mr. Ashish Kumar Chauhan helped found India's National Stock Exchange, where he worked until 2000. Now, as MD and CEO as the Bombay Stock Exchange, he will arrive at Riseup to share his perspective on the role of tech in economic transformation, from the perspective of one of the most celebrated financial careers in India.


Channel 2 | The Past and Future of Music! (Fireside Chat)

Saturday, 27th of November | 3.55 PM

Overlooking a region that has experienced repeated cultural shifts due to music, Claudius Boller - Managing Director of Spotify Middle East, Africa and South Asia - will highlight the importance in innovation for music by highlighting its past, and looking towards the future of audio streaming.


Channel 3 | How Egypt is Becoming a Tech Hub (Talk)

Friday, 26th of November | 6.10 PM

Basil Moftah - General Partner at Dubai-based Global Ventures - will delve into the growth of technological entrepreneurship in the region, and how Egypt in particular is turning into a tech hub where startups and entrepreneurial pioneers can strive.


Channel 1 | From Idea to Taking a Company IPO - Key Milestones for Success (Talk)

Thursday, 25th of November | 8.40 PM

Shaloo Garg is a Managing Director at Microsoft, who will bring her experience in handling an international brand to discuss how simple ideas can become the cornerstone of a global company property.


Channel 1 | Scaleups Acquiring Startups (Fireside Chat)

Saturday, 27th of November | 6.10 PM

Ashraf Sabry, Chief Executive Officer at Fawry, will join Amal Enan, Chief Investment Officer at the American University in Cairo, to discuss how a proven scaleup can multiply its growth by acquiring promising startups around it.


Channel 3 | Why Do We Need Hard-Tech Startups to Save Our Planet? (Talk)

Friday, 26th of November | 6.35 PM

As Co-Founder and Managing Director at Motionlab.Berlin, which supports over 70 hard-tech startups, Fridtof Gustavs will discuss the importance of these ventures in tackling one of if not the biggest challenges of our generation: our environment, our climate, our planet.


Channel 3 | Fem-Tech Voice (Panel)

Friday, 26th of November | 4.10 PM

Reema Diab, Founder and CEO at Galaxy for Technology, will join Nabta Health Founder and CEO Sophie Smith, Mother Being Founder and CEO Nour Emam, and Solo Founder and CEO Georgina Merhom for an international conversation on the role women play in the tech sector, and what more they can do.


Channel 3 | Essential Tech! What Businesses Need to Start (Talk)

Thursday, 25th of November | 8.40 PM

As Country Director at Google Egypt, Hisham El Nazer is no stranger to queries. At this talk, he will look to answer all the questions one may have about what you need to start a business, and what tech will help it get off the ground.



Based in San Francisco, Deanna Masigliese is an Animation Art Director and Illustrator at Pixar Animation Studios. Having worked there since 2012, Marsigliese is credited on several award-winning films including Inside Out (2015), Toy Story 4 (2019) and Soul (2020).