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25,000+ Thanaweya Amma Students File for Score Appeals

The Ministry of Education says Egyptian students are filing for score appeals after universities announce minimum admission requirements.

25,624 students have filed for score appeals on their Thanaweya Amma (General Secondary Certificate of Egypt) exams, according to the Ministry of Education’s website. 

Mohamed Saad, Head of the Secondary Education Central Administration, said that committees across the country have been receiving score appeals since Tuesday July 26th, 2016 as per Education Minister’s El Helaly El Sherbiny’s directive.

Saad also said that the reason for appeals is because after university faculties across the country announced their minimum Thanaweya Amma score requirements, many students want their exams remarked, hoping for higher grades to meet the requirements. 

69,761 exam sheets are currently being revised – with physics getting the most score appeals, while geography getting the least.