Monday 5 of December, 2022
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5 of the Hottest Homes in New Cairo

Egyptians are tired of the stress of living in a decaying Cairo and have begun flocking to New Cairo for a plethora of reasons. Wanting to learn more, we uncovered the five hottest properties in New Cairo and why they are attracting plenty of families to relocate.

Staff Writer

It’s no secret that a great migration is currently underway in Cairo, as many Egyptians are tired of the congestion, noise, insecurity, uninspired urban planning, and the poorly maintained apartments they've grown accustomed to. In search of a fresh luxurious new place to call home, many Egyptians have begun flocking to one of Egypt’s hottest districts: New Cairo. 

Almost every other week, word spreads of Egypt’s newest insanely awesome mall, cinema, restaurant, and bar opening in New Cairo, solidifying its intention of replacing the poorly planned and decaying old Cairo. The almost constant opening of something new and exciting, coupled with the wide variety of incredibly classy communities and real estate projects, has garnered New Cairo the reputation of being one of the fastest growing districts – making any investment a wise move. Overwhelmed by the diverse array of home investment opportunities, we reached out to Egypt’s leading consulting firm – CBE New Homes – to find out from the industry leaders which properties are quickly selling out and why.

Hyde Park

What is famously known as London’s largest and lushest park will soon share its name with one of New Cairo’s lavishly gorgeous real estate projects. Developed on a beautifully strategic 6 million square miles, Hyde Park overlooks both Road 90 and the new Ring Road, which is incredibly convenient for those who work in companies that have recently relocated their offices in the area. Equipped with a medical centre, nursery, mixed-use spaces for gatherings, designated kid areas, and multiple breathtaking parks, Hyde Park is ideal for workaholics looking to raise their growing family in a safe and nurturing environmentally friendly project that plans to use solar panels to power both indoor and outdoor shared facilities.

The hottest property in this development project is their unique Park Corner Penthouse. Using earthy tones, this avant-garde building was designed from the inside-out boasting a total of 253 sqm with four bedrooms and a roof terrace area of 173 sqm overlooking one of the many gorgeous parks.

Mountain View

Many Egyptians understand that quality of life is drastically improved when living in an area with a lot of open green spaces. Beyond its ability to therapeutically reduce stress, it also offers children a safe place to enjoy their childhood. Developing their compound around the idea of offering a multitude of gorgeous parks is Mountain View iCity. This luxurious compound has massive appeal, boasting over six parks, including a massive Central Park that will have residents feeling like they are living in the Big Apple.

The hottest property in this development project is the iVilla Roof Corner unit. Boasting 257 sqm, this unit contains three bedrooms, reception areas, and two terraces on the ground, plus a roof to take in the spectacular view of their uniquely green urban design.


Those moving to this area explain that Sarai stands out for its strategic location. Located off the Cairo-Suez Highway, this compound is 15 minutes away from the AUC campus and the Ring Road, and only five minutes away from the new Capital City currently being constructed. Once the new Capital City is built, Sarai property values are expected to skyrocket, which is leading many to think it’s a smart investment, especially if caught early.

The hottest property in this development project is their gorgeous Penthouse. Providing a total of 240 sqm, this unit boasts two reception areas, two terraces, two and a half bathrooms, and three bedrooms. With the design inspired by Egyptian heritage, this luxurious unit is the perfect investment for growing families looking to escape Cairo’s noise and pollution.

Arco’s La Fontaine

This development project has garnered a lot of attention from self-proclaimed shopaholics sick of spending endless amounts of money on taxis to shop at Cairo's newest malls. Located behind the platinum club and Palm Hills in Katameya, La Fontaine is extremely close to a multitude of mega malls with something exciting opening around the corner monthly. Spread across 43 acres, this prime property is made of mainly apartments and townhouses, but will be equipped with a health club, spa facilities, and an awesome covered heated swimming pool.

The hottest property in this development project is their town homes; however, many moving to the area appreciate that this development project has a variety of units ranging from 155 sqm to 250 sqm, giving families an option to find a unit within their budget. Coupled with the fact that La Fontaine is offering extended payment plans up to 10 years, this property development is a smart investment for those looking to pay for their dream home in instalments.

SODIC's Villette

SODIC requires no introduction as it has established a strong reputation with a luxury collection of residential, commercial, and lifestyle projects. With a team of master planners and in-house experts, Villette is located off Road 90, near the hustle and bustle of Eastown without having to hear or feel noisy traffic. This project is very popular with large families looking for a secure and spacious home near a plethora of acclaimed international schools.

The hottest property in this development project is their Townhouse. Providing an incredible 468 sqm, this unit is equipped with four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a private garden, and maid service. For those working beyond traditional 9-to-5 hours, this project is ideal as it provides strong security and plenty of options to ensure your kids grow up reminiscing of their fun-filled childhood.

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Main Photo is located in Hyde Park.

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