Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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7 Summer Internships to Kick Start Your Career Now

If life beyond studying seems daunting, your summer break is the perfect time to give the working world a go and find your passion. Here are some awesome opportunities right here in Egypt...

Staff Writer

Aside from opportunity to rest, the summer is the perfect time to sit down, clear your mind, and set up clear goals for the rest of the year. If you are a student on the verge of finishing university, chances are there is an imaginary abyss ahead and you don’t know where to start. We're here to help! Here are the top internship opportunities to kick off this summer and open up new roads to boost chances in your future career.

1. IBM Summer Internship Program: An opportunity for IT and Telecommunications students, IBM offers unpaid full-time internships to young Egyptians with basic knowledge in cloud, analytics, mobile, social, and security to work in the IBM Sales and Distribution department in Cairo. Students with an love for tech and eager to learn can apply to this unpaid position through their website here.

2. UNHCR. For students of social and/or political sciences and humanitarian enthusiasts, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is offering 16 unpaid positions for students or recent graduates in multiple departments, including administration, human resources, finance, public information and education. The organisation, which co-ordinates international action to assist refugees and asylum-seekers, offers positions that usually last between two and six months. Even though it is not paid, this internship is a great way to help make a difference and join efforts to help refugees, not to mention how impressive it is to have the United Nations on your CV. To apply, candidates have to fill in the internship application data here.

3. Intel. For a hands-on approach to IT and business, Intel Egypt is offering internships at their sales and marketing department. The internships include exciting benefits, such as compensation, vacation time, and access to professional development courses. Applicants should be enrolled in a university degree in marketing, business administration or IT-related fields, and have to follow a particular procedure: using the job search to find available positions, register as a new candidate, and indicate, in the resume objective, your interest in internships. 

4. AMIDEAST. A chance for students to gain insight into the operations of international NGOs, programme administration, and local society in Egypt, AMIDEAST is a tempting place for those interested in international affairs. Internships can be held in the areas of advising and exchanges, education, training, development projects, grants and proposals, study abroad, and can extend to operational support of IT, finance, marketing, and HR.

5. Citibank runs summer internship programmes for both analysts and associates, which start with an in-depth training in financial accounting and corporate finance, and then go straight into real work as if you were an Analyst or Associate, offering hands-on experience in investment banking with plenty on offer to support and develop your career, including interactive talks from seniors and networking opportunities. The Summer Analyst Programme, a key step in the recruitment process for a full-time job, is aimed at penultimate-year university students, whereas the Summer Associate programme is for MBA students.

6. Global Investment Banking Internship Programme. This four-week programme is an exciting opportunity to gain experience of real world transactions and working knowledge on investment banking, private equity and hedge fund careers. The programme is aimed at giving students a solid understanding of transaction concepts and robust practical skills for extensive investment banking work experience. To apply online, visit the offer on Bay.comt here.

7. Project on Middle East Democracy. Students of political science can apply for this internship now to begin work this Autumn, as they have several positions in the fields of policy, research, civil society partnerships, national security, and their programsme for Egypt and Iran. The internship is unpaid, but POMED supports candidates in receiving academic credit for their work and give students the chance to take part in the intern development program, which includes professional development sessions. For details contact Todd Ruffner at or apply through their website.

Opportunities to definitely keep an eye on for the 2016 round include Microsoft’s Advanced Technology Labs Cairo Internship Program and BPs Summer Program for interns in engineering and science, which offers paid positions starting in July.